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Tools for Meditation

Tools for Meditation. Blythe Metz and practitioner friends Stephanie Lana and Karan Cooke teach beginners tools for meditation. These tools are used by beginners as well as masters. This is the third of three, two minute videos teaching the "what is" and "how to" of a meditation practice.

"In my interactions with people, I am always being asked, " how do I meditate?" We hope these brief videos give you the information and inspiration you need to find your own relationship with the practice. Many Blessings to you." Blythe Metz

If you are practicing Yoga for sometime and finding it little difficult to manage, then here are some great tips. While doing Yoga, try to get your body comfortable by sitting on the floor and keeping the spine straight so that you can concentrate fully during meditation. Simple mudras, also help in calming the nervous system and a soothing music always works on the chemistry in your body. Watch the video to find out more about such tips and tricks.

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Tools For Meditation Video