Arm Stretches To Do After Your Workout

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Of all aspects of bodybuilding training, stretching is the one part that is most often ignored by the majority of people. It is just one of those things that seems to get pushed off to the side as not that important.

Well, one thing you probably didn't realize is that when stretching is properly integrated into a weight training program it can actually speed up your muscle growth.

The connective tissues that surround the muscles is very tuff and hugs the muscle fibers tight. This can actually constrict expansion and growth. For muscle hypertrophy to occur the surrounding fascia needs to be stretched and become more pliable in order to give the muscle fibers room enough to expand grow bigger.

Even if you haven't seriously focused on stretching before, the muscle mass that you have built up to this point came about from the stretching and expanding of the muscles encasing tissue. During your workouts when blood is being pumped into the muscles, the surrounding connective tissues are being stretched, that's why you get that tight feeling we call "the pump".

The ideal time to stretch for increasing muscle mass is right after you've trained a particular bodypart and the muscles are "pumped up" and feeling tight.

At this stage the connective tissues are already being stretched from the blood volume in the muscles, and then by manually stretching the muscles as well, you get a double whammy effect and this really increases the muscle fibers growth potential.

Muscle building coach, Lee Hayward brings arm stretches in this one to do after your workout. Stretching will expand and pump tissues to increase muscle growth. It also increases blood flow. So if you haven’t focused on stretching exercises before watch this video, and note down the details. You can do these exercises after your regular arm workouts which include bicep, triceps, and forearm movements.

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