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Cable Cross Over Pre-Exhaust Chest Workout

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Most body builders complain that they have trouble feeling their chest working when doing big compound exercises like bench press. So a great way to overcome this problem and help stimulate more muscle growth is to pre-exhaust your chest first with isolation exercises before moving on to your big heavy compound exercises. Lee Hayward, muscle building expert shows you one of his favorite moves for doing this - the cable cross over. He shows you how to use 3 different cable position and work the entire chest, upper, middle, and lower pectorals. This will help activate your chest muscles to a greater degree so that when you move on to your other chest exercises like bench presses you'll feel your chest working more and get a much better pump and more muscle growth! Give it a try in your next chest workout and then leave a comment below letting us know how it works for you.

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Cable Cross Over Pre-Exhaust Chest Workout Video