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Mental Aspects of Weight Loss

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When I was 16 I fell off the High Bar at gymnastics practice and broke my neck. It was a long and difficult come back after my neck was healed, but when I was ready to come back to the sport, it was very difficult to get back on the high bar where I originally got hurt.

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Mental Conditioning For Better Workout Routines
Trainer Jon Ham broke his neck when he was 16 and it was very difficult for him to start with gym routines again. He states that the fear of falling will always be there but mental management skills from books and medical professionals will make it easier. Here is a video in which he describes a few principles of reinforcing positive thoughts with positive statements, as well as rejecting negative behaviors by shrugging them off an saying "that's not like me."

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Mental Aspects Of Weight Loss Video, Mental Conditioning For Better Workout Routines