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Holly Mosier's Stress Reduction Tip with 4 Count Breath

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Holly Mosier, author of the groundbreaking healthy lifestyle book "Stress Less, Weigh Less," shows us how to do her favorite, and easy, stress reduction technique called the 4-Count-Breath.

Holly Mosier, yoga guru and author of the book "Stress Less, Weigh Less" is found talking about her secret weapon, the 4-Count Breath in this video. She has come forward with a doable and simple 10 minute everyday yoga regime and the focused, patterned 4-count breath is an essential part of it. This breathing is recommended by her to be squeezed in any time of the day to build up a reservoir of calm and have it dispersed through your entire being all day long. Deep inhalations that reach your lower lobes of the lungs followed by deep exhalations are indeed powerful when it come to rejuventing oneself and keeping stress at bay.

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Holly Mosier's Stress Reduction Tip With 4 Count Breath Video