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Hula Hoop Ballet-Inspired Leg Toning Workout Video

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Last week I introduced a workout program I developed called "Hoopnastics" that uses a huge and slightly weighted --but inexpensive-- "fitness" hoop as the only piece of equipment (you can watch the video intro by clicking HERE and read the article recently featured in the Examiner HERE). I'm not the only one hooping it up these days either! Celebrities like Marisa Tomei are discovering how fun (and effective!) hula-hoop workouts can be for getting fit.

What is Hoopnastics?

Hoopnastics is a fun, no-impact series of exercises using a fitness hoop to incorporate interval training with resistance training. It's basically a circuit training workout...with a twist. The unique exercise method fuses legendary fitness techniques from ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, pilates and yoga to firm, lengthen, and shape your body while creating superb balance, posture, flexibility and endurance. Hoopnastics works joints through a full range of motion to keep your body limber and flexible while the controlled movements and weight bearing exercises strengthen and tone every major muscle in your body. It's fitness program that can be adapted to all ages (from 25 to 65!) and all fitness levels. And, it's a great workout for breaking through a fitness plateau because it works your muscles in totally new and challenging ways.

How Can Doing Hoopnastics Help You Get You Fit?

Because hoopnastics is basically a circuit training workout, it combines cardiovascular conditioning with muscle conditioning exercises. The "hooping cardio-core" segments provide a completely no-impact cardio component that burns calories and fat while simultaneously targeting the notoriously neglected transverse abdominal muscles with the "drawing in maneuver". Training your transverse abdominal muscles improves spinal stability and helps flatten your The Hoopnastics muscle conditioning exercises are dynamic no-impact movements that not only burn calories, but simultaneously build metabolism-boosting lean muscle mass. By fusing flexibility training with firming exercises your body is lengthened, tightened and toned from head to toe.

What is the Hoopnastics Workout Routine?

I teach Hoopnastics as a 30-minute workout divided into 2 parts: PART 1 is a 15 minute "Hooping cardio-core" workout that alternates between segments of hooping-cardio core intervals and standing lower body strength and balance exercises blending moves from ballet and yoga incorporating the sports hoop. PART 2 is a 15 minute toning and lengthening pilates-inspired mat workout incorporating the sports hoop for
lying down and seated core exercises plus an intense arm toning sequence using resistance bands attached to the hoop. The workout ends with deep muscle toning exercises for the glutes and thighs and a stretching routine that uses the sports hoop.

15 Minute Ballet-Inspired Leg Toning Workout

This week I thought I'd share some of the standing ballet-inspired floor exercises from the Hoopnastics workout program (if you don't have a hoop you can use a chair for balance but if you want to buy the hoop I suggest getting it from Hoopnotica). These ballet-inspired exercises work your muscles from many different angles and help develop strength and tone, but not bulk. Most of the standing exercises are done on one leg, which dramatically increases the intensity of the exercise by adding an instability component. By performing the standing exercises on one leg you immediately engage your core. You also simultaneously bring many more stabilizer muscles into play that support each main muscle group and help you stay balanced. By recruiting all of these tiny stabilizer muscles that surround your major muscles, you'll be able to achieve fabulous muscle a very short amount of time!

Best of all, this routine is fun and totally different than what you are probably used to doing...which is perfect for boosting your fitness to a whole new level!

How about doing a workout that merges dance form with exercise? Ivy Larson talks about an innovative fitness program Hoopnastics through this video. Hula hoop workouts are cost effective, result oriented and can be done at home. And that's the reason celebrities like Marisa Tomei are going for it. Don't lag behind and join the race of fitness with this video.

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Hula Hoop Ballet-Inspired Leg Toning Workout Video Video