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Upper Body Workout Using Towel While Travelling

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Looking for a simple workout for your body while travelling? Ivy shows you simple step-by-step workout you can do no matter where you are including in a hotel room and still get in some upper body toning.
Nothing throws your healthy lifestyle into a tail spin faster than a vacation. I've travelled extensively and I know how hard it can be to stay on track exercising, eating healthfully, getting enough rest, etc. when you're on the road. But, with a little pre-planning and with a few tips & tricks you can absolutely enjoy a healthy vacation.

I find starting my day with just 10 or 15 minutes of exercise gets me off on the right foot. Many hotels have gyms, but I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of spending tons of time in a boring hotel gym. I'd much rather be out and about exploring whatever city I'm in then cooped up in some gym. For cardio, I just like walking and exploring the city. Right now I happen to be in Vegas and I'm staying at the Aria hotel. Yesterday Andy and I just went for a fast walk down the Vegas strip. We walked from our hotel to the Stratosphere (I think that's about 3 miles?) I can tell you this was MUCH better than being on a treadmill walking to nowhere back in the gym.

In addition to walking, I have four different super-fast 10 -15 minute hotel room resistance training circuit workouts I like to do first thing in the morning (after my coffee!!) I'll either do a lower body workout with exercises such as lunges, plies and light plyometrics or a core workout with some exercises for my abs and back, a short yoga workout or an upper body workout. My upper body workout is really the most unique, so I thought I'd share that one with you.

The Ultimate Hotel Room Upper Body Workout

The video below is my basic upper body workout using just a hotel hand towel. Don't laugh at the towel; this is a no-joke workout that is incredibly challenging...if you do it properly. The secret to the "towel workout" is that you want to start by pulling the towel apart using as much force as you possibly can (watch the video for how to do this). No matter how strong you are, you will never be able to pull that towel apart and you'll never outgrow this workout. I don't care if you are a 220 pound NFL football player, the towel workout is a killer. The video below shows you how to do it. This is a no-excuse workout you can do anywhere, anytime (as long as you have a towel!)

You don't have to stay away from exercise anymore while travelling. Fitness expert Ivy Larson gives a live demonstration of step by step simple workout to tone the upper body using a towel even when you are in a hotel room. Just watch this 5 minutes video and discover wellness and fitness for a healthy living.

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Upper Body Workout Using Towel While Travelling Video