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Jennifer Aniston's Love Affair With Yogalosophy!

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Jennifer AnistonMore than her movies, Jennifer Aniston has been in the news for her glowing complexion and luscious body recently. The reason behind  is Yogalosophy, not her boyfriend. It seems that Jen swears by this hybrid fitness regime based on the Indian yoga, to which she was introduced by her close friend and fitness instructor Mandy Ingber. Read on for more...


1) Jennifer’s Fitness Regime


Be it her super-toned legs or curvy posterior, it is all because Jennifer fits in stretches and yoga asanas into her daily exercise routine. She was hooked on to the Yogalosophy while shooting for her latest flick, ‘Wanderlust’, because she wanted to look super-fit for the movie. So, she got Mandy to prepare a combination of yoga, toners, and spinning exercises, and thus got herself a great body and also earned the jealousy of her co-stars and women in general.


2) Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy DVD


Mandy is a professional instructor who works with Hollywood stars helps them adopt a mix of yoga practices and philosophy for an internal as well as external workout. This uniquely thrilling combination has appealed to a lot of stars both inside and outside Hollywood. She has been teaching yoga and spinning classes to the whole of Los Angeles for 16 years in all even as she taught A-listers, from Jennifer to Kate Beckinsale, how to maintain their hot bods. One of Yogalosophy’s star clients is super-hot fashion designer and mom of four, Victoria Beckham. In fact, it was the response she got from Jennifer that inspired Ingber to film the Yogalosophy into a DVD. As a result, even though Jennifer Aniston’s diet may not be for everyone, her workout sure is within everybody’s reach. She says that anybody who is diligent in spending an hour a day, three to five times a week, can achieve a body like Jennifer, who has also filmed an intro to her DVD.

3) What is Yogalosophy?


It is a combination of yoga postures, toning exercises, and cardio workout, all in equal amounts. And if it seems like too much to comprehend at once, be informed that yoga, in itself, is the ability of a person to bring together his body, mind, and spirit in unison. So there, it is not that difficult now. Ingber explains, “I coined the word because I wanted to bring the intention setting from yoga into pretty much any (other) workout.” Experts also believe that those who do not want to do traditional exercises can completely ignore them and, instead, opt for Yogalosophy because it provides a variety of exercises away from the regular parlance of exercising. Yogalosophy basically improves your awareness, flexibility, and inner strength while helping you attain an enviable figure, after all, isn’t that what we all want?


4) Tips To Adopt Yogalosophy Jenny 2


Ingber, who has been working on it for a lot of time with different clients, brings into practice her experience to suggest the tips by which newcomers can easily adapt to this regime. The tips are:-

  1. Purchase a DVD (like Ingber’s) or a book to start practicing.
  2. Join an online community, where you can get inspired while working out with others.
  3. Have a private or gym instructor who helps you through your difficult moments and clears your doubt.
  4. Read more, talk more, and learn more about Yogalosophy and achieve your own comfort level.


While Hollywood diets have been more of a fad than serious, it seems that the latest one, Yogalosophy, gives, something substantial for the general public to follow and benefit from. Do you like Jennifer Aniston’s body? Would you try Yogalosophy to achieve it? Do tell.


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Jennifer Aniston's Love Affair With Yogalosophy!