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14 Facts To Know About Healthy Bones

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Healthy FoodFacts about healthy bones are they're alive!


Healthy bones are imperative at every age and exercise is important for preventing any bone related ailments. Exercise improves your bone health; it also increases muscle power, synchronization with the body, and balance, and leads to better health.


In this blog, I will be providing information on facts about healthy bones.

Tips on How to keep Bones Healthy:


Never take your bones for granted: 

With growing age the bones tend to become fragile. So keep them fit and strong for your old age. The best way to do this is by exercising. This will trigger your bones to give away more minerals and to make it stronger and denser.


Drinking habit

Keep your drinking habits in control else may lead to losing bone density. Heavy drinking over time can cause calcium deficiency and the more severe bone thinning known as osteoporosis.


Smoking is injurious to health

Smoking is also a risk factor for osteoporosis.


Diagnosing bone problems: 

This isn’t easy as it can strike anybody. If the jawbone deteriorates or loses density, the result may be loose (or lost) teeth, receding gums, or ill-fitting dentures.


Watch your weight: 

If you gain weight in your belly, this actually boosts your bone-thinning risk.


Growing old: 

Adding weight to your age can actually cause a broken hip. This life-threatening event may require surgery and long recovery at times.


Risk is more in Asians: 

As per scientific study, risk of bone problem is more in Asians and whites than in black or Hispanic.


Breaks don’t strengthen bones

In osteoporosis fractures, the bones can be just as strong as before the break after it heals.


Eat healthy food: 

Food rich in calcium are recommended for healthy bones.


Food rich in Calcium

Eat food rich in calcium than eating food supplements. There are higher risk of heart attacks and other side effects in using food supplements.


Women with irregular menstruation cycle have higher risk: 

This can lead to early menopause, and side effects are sharp hormone drop that triggers early menopause, which leads to bone loss. It’s wise to consult a gynecologist, who can help you.


Bone is a major storage pool for calcium and phosphate: 

Women who breast feed are at advantage as this helps the baby get sufficient minerals.


Advantage of being fat: 

Just as exercise and moving muscle can build stronger bones, your body may respond to extra weight by laying down more bone minerals to support that weight.


Bone-strengthening medications: 

Not always safe. Check with your doctor before consuming over doses.



Tips to get healthy bones:

  1. Eat leafy greens:

    Spinach, beet greens, etc, are rich in vitamin K, a nutrient essential to build bone. It is said that higher vitamin K intakes with a considerably lower risk of hip fracture.

  2. Reduce salt:

    Excess salt results in calcium excretion from the body.
  3. Read labels to choose packaged foods that are lower in sodium.
  4. Drink less coffee and soft drinks.  Caffeine and soft drinks consumption may cause bones to lose calcium.

Few foods which can be included in your diet are: Milk, yogurt, Green-leafy vegetables, Soy food, Sardines, Nuts and seeds, etc. For more information on healthy food for healthy bones, visit

Healthy bones are vital for everyone. Eat healthy, stay fit; exercise regularly decreases the change of bone related ailments.


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14 Facts To Know About Healthy Bones