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What To Eat After Workout For Muscle Gain

There are certain foods that you can immediately eat after workout in order to gain muscle. Eating after a workout does not refer to a meal in itself, rather certain foods or drinks consumed in quantities of a snack, just as an addition or substitute to the water you drink after an intense workout. Muscle gain being your goal you must consider the nutrients and resources of the body used up during the workout and replenish them accordingly. Remember we are not trying to “refill” the body with what we burned up but merely replacing the bare essential sugars and particularly the building blocks.


The building blocks of muscle tissue as you must know from common knowledge are called amino acids. These acids spur muscle growth and repair. During your strength training you subject your muscles to trauma of a controlled nature. This scavenges amino acids from your system. Eating  small quantity of foods that are rich in amino acids (proteins) can restore the loss and encourage rebuilding of the muscle. Examples would be half a filet of poached sea fish (only salt to taste), a half boiled egg or a glass of milk. Alternatively, a protein supplement with whey or micellar casein could be consumed.


During exercise, especially cardiovascular,  the main fuel for the body is glycogen; referred to in layman’s terms as sugar. The typical term “energy giving” foods are essentially foods that the body quickly reduces to form glycogen. These are foods rich in carbohydrates such as grains, potatoes and sweets. The reason why you cannot just have a spoonful of sugar after an exercise session is that the regular sugar actually consists of sucrose, which is a complex sugar. Simple sugars are necessary for immediate replacement of the lost glycogen. Dextrose is a simple sugar found in honey. Mixing a tablespoon of honey in a glass of milk would be a two-in-one drink for replenishment of glycogen as well as amino acids mentioned above.


The important thing to remember is the quantity. You are NOT eating to reverse the results of your workout but only to benefit more from it. Avoid fats of any sort even if you are on the leaner side. They take a lot of time to get converted to substances that you body can use.


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What To Eat After Workout For Muscle Gain