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Healthy Living - Boost your immunity with Yoga and Therapeutic Massage

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Yoga and immunityToday's article was written by my friend Mary Ellen Ricks, RYT, CMT who is the owner and director of The Awakening Point. The Awakening point is a wellness center located in Hackettstown, NJ. The center focuses on the total well being of people from all walks of life. Mary Ellen is a yoga instructor, registered with Yoga Alliance: and a Certified Massage Therapist with over 12 years experience in the healing arts field. Awakening Point offers professional massage therapy and energy healing as well as private and group yoga instruction, pilates mat classes and tai chi. Special workshops are also offered. Please visit the website

The article today deals with boosting your immunity with yoga and therapeutic massage. I hope you enjoy.

Did you ever wonder why you always read that regular exercise can help enhance your body's immune system? Would you be interested in reducing your experience of head colds, flu and other viruses? Let me share with you how the 5,000 year old tradition of yoga can make a difference in your health and life.

Our immune system is made up of lymph nodes, the thymus glands and the channels that carry lymph throughout the body. Unfortunately, though, the lymphatic system does not have a heart to pump the lymph through the channels. This means we need to move our body in some form of exercise to circulate and therefore create better health.

Yoga is ideal since many of the postures practiced actually work to squeeze lymph and detoxify the body. Inverted poses, like lying with the legs up a wall cause lymph which has pooled in the legs during the day to gently move into the upper body. Another benefit of yoga practice is learning how to control the breath. Creating more space in the body with postures, allows deeper breathing which also acts an as internal massage of sorts. As you become a more experience breather, you will be more able to handle stressful situations and therefore fight off illness more efficiently.

Therapeutic massage is also beneficial to the immune system, since the therapist uses long strokes along the arms and legs creating circulation of lymph. Massage is a wonderful way to reduce the effects of stress on the body, the aches and pains from improper breathing, clenching the teeth or poor posture from sitting in front of a computer or driving for long periods of time.

Remember you have more control over whether or not you catch that seasonal cold. Take a nice walk in the fresh spring air: enjoy a yoga class or therapeutic massage, breath deeply when you feel tired or stressed. You will improve your immune system and create more health, happiness and clarity of thought!

If you want any more information or have any questions, please feel free to call the Awakening Point at 908-852-9642.

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Healthy Living - Boost Your Immunity With Yoga And Therapeutic Massage