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Spiritual Fruit - The Buddha Pear…!!

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Make way for the most amazingly shaped fruit ever! Square melons and other geometrically shaped veggies and fruits, make way! The ‘Budhha pear’ is here!



These pears look like little miracles hanging from trees. If you are wondering how on earth did anyone manage to grow them like that, or what did they water the tree with then here is the ultimate scoop!


The ‘Budhha pears’ are made with an ingenious plastic mold that they are encased in while they are still tiny fruits. Where they are from? Who grows them… I wish I could say more but the site has all the information written in Spanish or Portugese.


Check them out here -


Are they beautiful or what?!


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That is interesting pear indeed!
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this is amazing. will they have god apples?
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Speaking of god...check this out - uncannily similarity to the image of Jesus found on baked breads... an oven made miracle eh??! :)
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It's Portuguese and the website is from Brazil.
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so cool jet unusual were can i buy one of those shaping things???!!!
Spiritual Fruit - The Buddha Pear…!!