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Gory Wusthof Knife Ads!

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Some advertisement has the innate ability to leave you astionished, laughing or disgusted. My exact state of mind after viewing these print ads for Wusthof Knives is “disgust”.


Oh ya that small lump there, yup, that is the snout of that skinned pig!








Wusthof Knives

That would be cow. The ear would say it all.






Wusthof Knives







Quiet obviously the Ads are trying to say that the Wusthof knife is sharp enough to simply skin the animals .If there is something the vegans need to close their eyes for, it is this. Hmm..correction I did say human instead of vegan! The ad is done by Ogilvy and Mather Bangkok, and it sure does make its point!!!


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Gory Wusthof Knife Ads!