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The burger mobile!!

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Talk about food trucks!! This burgermobile owned by Joe Zwillenberg seems to be the talk of the town! The burger mobile has already attracted enough and more attention because of  its fantastic burger resemblance.




The burger mobile from New York City hides within its yummy exterior a 1987 Chevy S10 pickup. The food truck was designed and created by Matt Targon who specializes in promotional vehicles. It was no wonder that Zwillenberg being the owner of Kansas City, Mo's Westport Flea Market Bar and Grill wanted a burger mobile.

The only problem is that while driving it is difficult for Zwillenberg to focus on the road amidst the reactions of the people and the drooping lettuce and cheese restricted view. But considering the reaction from passersby, it seems like Zwillenberg got a good deal.


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The Burger Mobile!!