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Cannibalistic Dining Table!

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Yes you read it right, cannibalistic dining tables! Last week I had written about dining tables with unique built in dishes but here is something better. This unique auto-cannibalistic dining table was one among the exhibits at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City as a part of the Indisposed exhibit.


Cannibalistic DIning  Table-1


The Auto Cannibalistic Dining Table and other inventions like the Dough-Dough Bird Feeder and the Unidentified Feeding Objects are creations that address the themes of disposability, waste and wastefulness. The Cannibalistic dining table is made from paper egg cartons that are glued together with flour paste, soil, seeds and plants.


Why is it called cannibalistic dining table? Well, that is simple. Once the water is added to the table the seeds germinate and live on the table, eventually eating up the table. Honestly, I don’t know how one can dine on a wet and mushy table that has plants growing out of it! But you have to accept that it will be real cool to have one of these at home! :-)!

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Cannibalistic Dining Table!