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Race Car: Made of Vegetables and Runs on Chocolate!!

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A racing car made of vegetables and powered by chocolate has been designed by a team from the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing research Center at Britain’s University of Warwick.

The racing car which is set to launch next month can do up to 145 mph and runs on 30% bio-diesel derived from chocolate waste. In a super human and laudable effort to go green and yet give millions of car lovers racing thrills, minus environmental degradation.

This racing car has been designed with a race-spec steering wheel partly made of carrots and other root vegetables. Parts of the front wing and the mirrors are made of potato starch and flax fiber. The car also has a body made of potatoes and a seat made of soybeans and is fondly called named ecoF3.

The chocolate-based fuel has raised much curiosity and Meredith clarifies that “anything with a fat in it can be turned into diesel, and that’s what we’ve managed to do”. The waste chocolate is from Cadbury’s factory in Birmingham.

James Meredith, who heads the project at Warwick, said that the idea and goal behind designing the car is actually “to show what is possible. People love motor racing, and the trick is to do it in a more environmentally responsible manner. A racing car doesn’t have to harm the planet.”

The Formula 3 racing car, ecoF3 has a much-modified BMW 2-liter along with a 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

I think this is the coolest new-age invention I have heard of till date. So much can be achieved when one puts one's passion into play. Veggies rule…. Take that meat artists!!!

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Race Car: Made Of Vegetables And Runs On Chocolate!!