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Incredible Meat Art! No Vegans allowed!

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From Bacon Bras to Chocolate Jesus, if you thought that you had seen everything that can be done with food, then you are wrong. Meat Art has gained in popularity in spite of the grossness of most of these meat art exhibits.

Meat accessories anyone?

Photographer Clayton Cubit,  came up with the novel idea of using raw animal flesh and bones as Fashion accessories.





These unsettling yet attractive pictures should give you a peek into his creepy accessory world.

Who ever decides to don these will definitely have to stay away from all the vegans out there! What about you, do you have enough wildness in you to sport them?

Meat After Meat Joy

I can't imagine why people would want to frame, sculpt or paint smelly pink flesh! But as they say Art has no rules. The Meat After Meat Joy exhibition occurs in Daneyal Mehmood Gallery in New York.

Warning: For the weak at heart, please stay miles away form this exhibition.





All i can think is that, at least they haven’t thought of a way to do this to human flesh. Or maybe I am wrong there!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the meatiest of all?

Victoria Reynolds is a famous artist who is well known for her meat paintings. Some of her work is put up at the Richard Heller Gallery in California.


She calls this “Down the primrose path”. You have to agree that she is good at what she does. But I just cant imagine hanging one of these paintings in my house. 

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Incredible Meat Art! No Vegans Allowed!