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Designer Popcorns by 479° - Not just a snack!

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I have heard of designer wear, designer sunglasses and designer handbags. But Designer Popcorns, this is new! 479° the new popcorn company has reincarnated popcorn. These designer popcorns come in a variety of flavors.


Fleur de sel caramel , Madras Curry Cashew, Chipotle Caramel Almond are a few of the popcorn flavours that they have come up with. All in all, the chief chef of 479°, Jean Arnold has come up with 8 new exciting flavors.

Over the years of expermenting with popcorns and  flavoring it, she found that 479 was the perfect temperature to pop the corns. That is how the name 479° came. 479° sells their popcorns in elegant box collections and allows you to purchase multiflavor collections.

   Remember, like any other designer item, they are to be treasured and enjoyed gradually . So when you get your hands on these designer popcorns!, pop them in one by one and enjoy their flavor. Image Credit


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Designer Popcorns By 479° - Not Just A Snack!