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English Gone Wrong... (Part 1)

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532276-english-gone-wrong.part-1.jpgv0Do words really convey all that they were meant to…? Ever had the feeling of being linguistically impaired in a foreign land…? Here is a collection of funny signs from around the world, especially the orient that will have you rethinking your English…… ;)









How about this.... I think some one ought to be taking responsibity for that translation at least, if not for the accident 'in case and so on'... as understanding may not come beforehand





















uhh..... The beginners guide to western toilet training!!














Gookie wafer rolls???!!!

I think I'll pass..... 



















Bar and pub owner's everywhere will heartily agree but they might not put it up so boldly!!

Cheers to the bravehearts...





















If you ever needed a shoulder to cry on, when feeling blue in Japan... you know where to go



























I hope eating this will not affect my orientation....!! or was I wrong may be the pig was feeling gay!



















I do not have anything to say to this... maybe I need a vacation...


Coming tomorrow: Look out for 'English Gone wrong... (Part 2)'

There is more to come that will take you tripping around the world and may be the dictionary!!


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English Gone Wrong... (Part 1)