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So there are these three polar bears are sitting on an iceberg and...

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and ?
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They listened to their iPods and grilled a penguin...
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All, I'm trying to locate the creator of the video/picture of the three polar bears roasting the penguin. It was originally posted on YouTube by Klopidez. Anyone know how I can track down the owner? Thanks,
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It was originally posted in protest to Nature, presumable a scientific and not an advocate publication, of photoshopping of a Penguin for the most forlorn looking polar bear I have ever seen, possible also photo shopped and presumably either starving or drowning on an ice flow due the the great AGW hoax. In more detail note, six pack and a bag of green.
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The bear on the left is smoking a joint, excuse me, a cigarette, but I think they're all stoned.
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It became famous because of the link to Climate Gate, the Phil Jones emails to the editorial board of prestigious Nature Magazine, not to allow an AGW dissenter on the peer review panel.
So There Are These Three Polar Bears Are Sitting On An Iceberg And...