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The truth shall set you free – or get you kicked off The Next Food Network Star

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JAG wins the bonehead of the year award!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough time in my life to keep up with lies so no matter what the outcome telling the truth makes my life easier.  Why would JAG state he was a culinary school grad and that he went to Afghanistan while he was serving in the Marines.  Did he not thing the press would sooner or later find out?  Even as a D list star you can’t do anything without the press eventually digging it up.  I’m pretty sure he was picked for reasons other than his culinary school background and his military service so again I ask why?  I could care less about him not finishing culinary school but to lie about serving in Afghanistan is an insult to those who have pulled tours there.  I hope he never gets a show on any station and is forgotten as a worthless lying piece of dirt.  I say that with a heavy heart because even though I didn’t like him too much as a person (anger issues) I liked his food. I’m pulling for Rory to win – I think she has what it takes and she for the most part puts out some good food…

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You DO know Rory's story, right? Last year she was runner up on ANOTHER reality show on CMT called "Popularity Contest". They drop you off in some podunk town, and I guess on the last episode they vote for "The most popular" or some such crap. Anyway, guess what the podunk town was? VEGA, TEXAS. that's right, the same town where Rory decided to move and open up a restaurant. Perhaps trying desperately to capitalize on her "popularity". Now she's on FN, hawking "real food for real people", presumably "Real" meaning using local Reality TV fame to open a business. I don't know... something doesn't sit right with me about her...
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I didn't know that! I can believe it though... I'm only pulling for her because right or wrong with JAG dropping out she was the last one standing. Amy was asked to leave for whatever reason. But due to ratings they have to have the big suspense of who will win.
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Now, see, THERE I agree with you. If the FN was looking for a close finish, they chose the WRONG way to end it. I mean, I totally get that Rory is up against the 3rd place contestant, but FN did nothing to hide that fact. Even when they re-introduced Amy at the end, it was almost like, "You don't have much of a chance! Congratulations!"
The Truth Shall Set You Free – Or Get You Kicked Off The Next Food Network Star