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Next Food Network Star - SCANDAL!

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The LAST thing I ever thought I'd see on a Food Network show is scandal.  But sure enough..

This week's challenges started out easy enough.  Our boys and girls had to do a little press for themselves and the show on XM's Ron and Fezz.  Us Tri-state folk know the show, as it broadcasts out of NYC.  After that, they got interviewed by some guy from Star Magazine.  Their instructions were simple: don't talk smack.

Their second challenge was to do a 5-minute demo of their signature dish on the Rachael Ray Show.  After that, they were evaluated, and one of the three was to be sent home.  The final two get voted on this week, and the winner is revealed next Sunday.  But it ain't over yet!

Contestant #1 - JAG


Challenge 1 - Jag made a couple rookie mistakes.  Like accidentally saying that the Food Network is in fear of a latin cooking shows.  Other than that, he did okay, I guess.

Challenge 2 - Except for over-using the word "honey", Jag ruled the RR Show.  He cranked up his personality to 11, and delivered an entertaining, fun demo.  He's had ups and downs during this competition, but he HAS shown steady improvement.

Contestant #2 - Rory


Challenge 1 - For shame, Rory.  For shame.  Rory told Ron about which contestant she'll have an "easier time" beating (Amy).  Then she started licking the ear of the guy from Star.  Nah, but she wanted to.

Challenge 2 - Even though she literally bumped Rachael out of the way during the demo, Rory did a pretty good job on camera.  Her dentist will no doubt be proud.

Contestant #3 - Amy

Challenge 1 - Amy is a sweet lady.  She was bland in the interviews, but likable.  Meh.

Challenge 2 - Week after week, Amy has been a very consistant performer - until this last challenge.  Her nerves got to her, and she didn't pull it out.  And her meal looked sloppy.

Anyway, Amy got sent home.  OR DID SHE (dum dum DUMMMMM)?

Right after they sent Amy packing, the TV screen went dark, and soundless text told the story of the final twist.  It turns out, Jag is a fibber.  Or at least, when it comes to his culinary background and military service.  Jag told everybody he was a culinary school graduate, and an Iraq war veteran.  Guess what?  He didn't finish school, and although he DID serve in the Marines, he was never deployed to the Middle East.  Uh oh.  Jag had to "resign from the competition", and Amy was picked up at the curb.  That's right: 


Why did Jag have to lie?  Neither thing he fabricated was a necessity for the competition.  I guess it all comes down to immaturity, and boosting your self-esteem by making up fantastic details about your life.  Sorry, kiddo.  Get your crap together.  Hope you learned an important lesson.

So that's it:  Is it the "gourmet next door" or the "backyard bistro"?  7 days!

Incidentally: I was looking for links to the photos for this blog, and I typed "Next Food Network Star" into Google Image Search.  I'll be damned if on the FIRST page of results, there wasn't a picture of Margot Kidder from my old blog (in a previous blog, I said that Amy looked like Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the original Superman movies).  and on the 4th page, it has a picture OF ME.  And NO pictures of the actual contestants!  Ain't that something!  Oh please God let this be an omen...


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Next Food Network Star - SCANDAL!