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Chai-na at Kala Ghoda

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The Kala Ghoda Festival (an annual cultural event in Mumbai) ended today. I paid a visit on 2 days and was tempted to go again...the ambience is colourful, festive and a great getaway from all the chaos that is there in a regular Mumbaikar's life.
The festival had film screenings, recitals, a wonderful display of art and craft, food stalls...all on one street called 'Kala Ghoda'.
An actor friend of mine, Sumeet Sachdev (popularly known as Gomzi or Gautam Virani in India's longest running soap, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi) has taken to direction. I was at the festival to watch his two films, Rehmaan Sahab Ko Phone Karna Hai (a short feature) and Let it Flow (a 3 minute film). After the screenings we took time to check out the stalls and came across this interesting creation - an ode to Mumbai's Cutting Chai (Tea). For those who don't know, 'cutting tea' is a 'cut' version of a 'full' tea cup. The term is used by almost every mumbai-ite when asking for tea from a road side stall or in a restaurant...infact just 'cutting' is enough. Tea costs 3 Rs. whereas a 'Cutting' comes for Rs. 2.

The picture says it all...

The poster of Rehmaan Sahab Ko Phone Karna Hai

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Chai-na At Kala Ghoda