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Disco Papaya, Nylon Dhokla!!!

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I came across these funky names in the local mall...there's a papaya that's called a 'Disco Papaya' and a kind of dhokla that has the word 'Nylon' prefixed to it.

I tried to find the reasons for the unique nomenclature, couldn't gather much. The 'Disco' papaya gets its name from it's vibrant colour (inside) and it also tastes sweeter than the 'normal' papaya whereas 'Nylon' Dhokla is an instant or a pre-processed version of the traditional Khaman Dhokla. I've only TRIED to arrive at this conclusion...not sure of the facts. Does anyone know why Disco Papaya and Nylon Dhokla are so called?

Disco Papaya

Nylon Dhokla

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Disco Papaya, Nylon Dhokla!!!