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Dinner Conversations: 39 Interviews with America’s Favorite Culinary Movers and Shakers

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Diiner ConversationsStuart Reb Donald has built a reputation for doing some of the most poignant interviews of America’s favorite chefs and food writers. Whenever a network is rolling out a new cooking show they make sure to call Stuart to interview the stars.

In addition to interviews published by several different publications this anthology also includes interviews from Stuart’s blog Wannabe TV Chef including the popular series 7 Questions, WTVC Exclusive and Inside Look. Just a few of the chefs profiled include Bobby Flay, Ted Allen (twice), Michael Symon, Tory McPhail, Graham Kerr, Alton Brown, Amanda Cohen and Alex Guarnaschelli.

The author is also offering the Kindle Single for a special introductory price of just $2.99.

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Dinner Conversations: 39 Interviews With America’s Favorite Culinary Movers And Shakers