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Obama-Michelle; They Started It Off Chocolaty!

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I have always had a tough time to get my dates agree for a Chocolate dine-out. Oh man! Their attitude to Chocolate sucks! I really do not get it, why Chocolate is labeled as a Kid’s game and not rather a super-delicious flavor that every soul can take delight in. 

At least now, I believe there’s something to force these chocolate-haters to just let me be and watch me indulge in some succulent desserts! Yes, they better shut their gob and go for a hike for it’s just not me who is fanatical about Chocolate, but it’s indeed the choice of the US President and his soul-mate too! Now that the US dailies have nothing but Obama stories to publish, I too was lucky to read about the first date Obama had with Michelle - yeah and about the cute and lovely Chocolate Kiss!!! 


Well, I really needn’t bother about what the First Couple’s choice is or probably was, but why is the world so finicky about Chocolates – just because it adds a few calories to your well-maintained figure? Yes, might be! But when your stomach craves for something sweet and you know, it’s just Chocolate that can put it off, why not indulge in such engrossing desires, at least once in a while. 

Believe me, chocolate isn’t all that bad, just that it tastes too good to resist and keep your tongue off it – now that might be one reason why we girls love it and you GUYS hate it! 

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Obama-Michelle; They Started It Off Chocolaty!