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Have you heard of Divorce cakes?

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If you thought cakes were loosing out on innovativeness and the bakers sure had reached the world's end when it ame to creativity. Here's something to get you thinking. I thought wedding cakes were the most expressive cakes ever -a wonderful display of emotions . This was till I came upon the pics of some of these divorce cakes and the way they said it all with some sugar (for once the sugar was not sweet) and flour and a few food colors. Didn't ever think that a few ingredients could say so much. what do you have to say about this?

A heady feeling indeed

If looks could kill

Oh My gosh

And this one actually takes the cake

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I have heard of parties for those who have just gone through a divorce, a sort of I am free party. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Ahahah, Oh my.. I love this cakes. ahhahhaha. This is quite interesting and harsh way of a delicious treat :) buying soundcloud plays
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It is very disasterous.....but also very interesting.
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Is there some hidden message from the fact that most these cakes depict women shooting men, and not the other way around?
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hahaha - interesting observation :-)
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True.. ;)
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No Samat there was no intended hidden message it just so happened that the pics I got all seemed to have it this way. No women's lib activist here and will surely post other pics with the men on top if I do find them.
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Ha ha ..."Men on top" ....sounds very suggestive...of course no hidden message there ! ;-)
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lol.. man on top ;)
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Have You Heard Of Divorce Cakes?