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Well I am not married but have heard tales of how there is a role reversal once you walk down the aisle.

I do have a sweetheart and it more of a habbit for me to be a gentleman with her around me. I have a few married friend complaining on how there gentleman husbands have turned sore after a few years of marriage.

Well my sweetheart worries about it and then it takes me a while to get here back to normal. So do we guys really change our colors ? I guess it will be a while until I find our, but for now this is one guy who says it all.

The perfect married gentleman

Down UnderDo u love the sea ?

Well i do and also i find the marine life very amazing and interesting.

I may have never gone diving, but then there are days at sea where i which that i could do that. (minus the sharks)

I have explored many terrains and the most intriguing has always been sea life, maybe because of the variety that keeps me amused every single time.

Would love to go diving some day and get a closeup view of sights that are truly mind blowing and interest me a lot.

Till then, enjoy the scenes

Why we don’t have many women IT professionals

I always wonder why I never have my IT call resolved by a female executive, long calls with men can be boring.

I do call in the IT a couple of times for my network and internet issues and almost every time I have a male counterpart on the other end.

I was of the opinion that there was surely a gender bias in the IT industry but now I think otherwise, have a look below

Self Wrapping Towels137.jpg


Husband of the year contendersMy girlfriend keeps complaining that I need to be more chilvarous, and trust me that I though I was bad. But now that I have seen and shared these pictures, I think that I am way better than most.

I picked up these pictures via mail and true to the title, these guys are sure reverse contenders for Husband of the year award.

Here we have images of the most chilvarous husband’s around.

FacesNow they always say that art is everyway and sometimes they just come out unintentionally. So here are have someone who took the pain to scavenge places for such art and I must say did a pretty good job.

We see people and faces all around us, but have we every noticed the things that look back to us ? Well just now I did.

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