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How to Make a Toad in a Hole: Eggs with Bread and Slice of Beef

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My experiments in the Kitchen Continue...

I love eggs. I mean they are one of the most awesome things. A breakfast is just not the same without eggs. You can have them boiled (i like the soft boiled when the yolk is just about getting solid), fry them (sunny side up), make scrambled eggs, omelette (as with say salmon and caramelized onions ) or try many other ways one can enjoy this gift of nature. But i hadnt heard or eaten a Toad in a Hole (hmmm what is that?).

Like so many times in life when you least expect to see, hear, taste, experience something good in life, you get it (good things can come in small packs too). It happened that my room-mate M (the guy who was a chef in his younger days and showed me how to make the eggs with salmon, and the master who guides me in the kitchen) was making some brunch when i decided to cook some eggs. So here is what he shows me. As i was about to break the egg, he says, "hey buddy let me make you some toad in a hole!" And i was like, yeah whatever (knowing that anything he will make will be awesome). Here is how you make it.

Step 1. Heat an iron cast pan (remember iron pans heat to very high temps so they cook eggs very well) and rub some butter on it. As max says, eggs MUST be cooked in butter (and i cant agree more, it is a match made in heaven)

Rubbing Butter in a Pan

Step 2. Take A slice of bread (take bread that is long and has a nice wheaty flavor). Cut a hole in the bread with a glass (take a sharp rimmed glass with a rim that is medium size - say 3 inches in diameter). Lay the bread in the pan and let is toast in the butter

Step 3. Now comes the interesting part. You maybe wondering what the hole in the bread is about. Take a nice big egg and break the egg into the HOLE. Yeah baby. break it into the hole. That one step was what makes this such an awesome egg dish

Egg In a Hole

Step 4. increase the heat to a medium flame and let the egg cook from below. Now comes another interesting twist. Add 1-2 slices of cold cut beef (or ham if you like) Lay the slice over the bread and cover the bread/egg totally. Now press the beef over the yolk to break the yolk and glue the beef to the egg and bread (you know M is a master chef by the way he explains the details of cooking)

Step 5. Cook for a 1-2 minutes and then turn over the bread to heat the beef just a bit

Sliced beef on egg

Step 6. Put on a plate. Add a slice of bread and your toad is ready - toasted and awesomely delicious and ready for consumption. Sprinkle some pepper for taste


Toad in a HoleToad in a Hole

Now site back and relax and enjoy this awesome brunch - eggs, bread, beef all with a good taste of butter making the whole thing just delicious. One toad in a hole will make you go on for a whole day.

Enjoy! Let me know how it turns out on your end.

M, thanks to you bud. You are awesome.

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How To Make A Toad In A Hole: Eggs With Bread And Slice Of Beef