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Cat Cafes In Tokyo - Play To Your Heart's Content

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Ever heard of a cat café before? I haven’t either. Some of you might have visited one if you were in Tokyo. There are cat cafes in Tokyo and play to your heart’s content is the motto. Interesting news clips have been trickling down from 2004. Now there are a dozen cat cafes in Tokyo and growing.

Customers pay 800 yen (US $9) for an hour or 2,000 yen for 3 hrs to be there. They can play with cats, order food or drinks (a Cat-Puccino maybe?) or just sit around and watch the felines doing their thing.

This strange concept caught on and has become main-stream now. Sometimes the weekends are packed with families, young and old, kids and couples. Are the cats enjoying it? May or maybe not. They seem to be perfectly Ok with it. The cafes are very clean and air filters are regularly changed by the ‘feline-staff’on call. Here is an interesting video of one of the cafes.



You are allowed to touch, but not pick up cats wearing a scarf. Some places take reservations too. Imagine that! The first cat café opened in Osaka in 2004 as a petting zoo. But now business is roaring or purring with more of these joints opening up Prices are reasonable. No photo flashes allowed and no bothering the kitties while they are having a good time.

So if you don’t have a cat allergy this might be a perfect place to spend time cuddling and petting those fuzzy felines while you sip your coffee. Just look out for hair balls in the coffee

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Cat Cafes In Tokyo - Play To Your Heart's Content