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Harry Potter Inspired Recipes

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If you are a Harry Potter fan like me, I am sure you would love to try out Harry Potter inspired recipes. Recipes inspired by Harry Potter has stormed the markets and fans are queuing up to taste the wizard’s food that they have seen only on movie screens.


Butterbeer is the most popular Harry Potter inspired recipe. It is extremely sweet, tastes somewhat like a mix of soda and butterscotch. Butterbeer is sold in two varieties, regular and chill or hot and cold, topped with whipped cream. The beer is dispensed from one machine and another machine provides the whipped cream. The whipped cream forms a moustache while drinking this magical drink, something that Harry Potter fans like to flaunt.


Acid Pops

Acid pops are super sour to taste, they are lollipops rolled over Pop rocks.


Licorice Wands
They are incredibly cute Harry Potter inspired recipe. Like the magic wand of Harry potter these magical licorice wands amuse even the elder kids. They are extremely easy to make and ideal for Christmas gifts as well.


Ton-Tongue Toffees
In Harry potter movie, eating this toffee would actually grow the tongue by 4 feet. Don’t get excited, this Ton-tongue toffee will not have the same wicked effect but yes it will show its magic when it enters your mouth.  You don’t have to go out hunting for this magical toffee; it can be made at home with ease.


Pumpkin Juice
Do you remember students drinking pumpkin juice in Hogwarts Express. Make it yourself at home whenever you miss your hero.


Pumpkin Pasties
In Harry Potter movies, Pumpkin pasties were eaten by students on Honeydukes and Hogwart express.  It’s a sweet Harry Potter inspired recipe.


Quidditch Players Pie
Same heavy food that Quidditch players ate before every match.


Mrs Weasley’s Rock Cake
This Harry Potter inspired recipe is best eaten with tea. It crumbles easily but baking them longer would turn the cake rock solid.


Above Harry Potter inspired recipes are ideal for serving at Harry Potter theme parties but fans do not need an occasion to celebrate their favorite stars. Isn’t it?


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Harry Potter Inspired Recipes