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Fun Facts About Peanut Butter Fudge

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These fun facts about peanut butter fudge will help you to increase your knowledge about this common kitchen goodie. There are several stories about the invention and journey of this peanut butter fudge in our kitchen and how it changed its importance in every day use. Research continues to know more about peanut butter too from which such fudge is developed, basically to understand the reasons of the popularity of this food.


If you believe the American culinary folklore, you will be amazed to know that peanut butter fudge was invented more than 100 years ago in the US. The exact origin of this food is still debatable, but if you follow the claims, you will know that fudge was first prepared on February 14, 1886. Yes, it is known to us ever since then and has been used in several recipes every since then. The popularity of the peanut butter fudge reached such heights that a whole day was soon dedicated to this food and was celebrated as Peanut butter fudge day. You can learn more about peanut butter fudge day and recipes which make use of peanut butter fudge from


As per first documents found about fudge, it is known that this fudge was made in Baltimore, Maryland in 1886 and was sold for 40 cents a pound. Miss Hartridge who is known to have prepared this recipe later in 1888 and slowly this dish  became very popular. The ways of having fudge also kept changing in the next few years and it became to be known by many other names. It started being used in different recipes all over the world and was known in a variety of names. Different regions of the world added newer tastes and flavor to this fudge, making it different from all other foods which were available. As a result, people started adopting this fudge as a part of their everyday food and it started becoming a main menu of different parties and celebrations.


American fudge If you are in US then fudge to you would mean chocolate. It is used for packing brownies and cakes with some EXTRA helping of chocolate flavors and fluid chocolate. If you are not a chocolate lover, you can also check out some non chocolate flavors which are sold in the US and the most popular among which is the peanut butter flavor. Peanut butter flavor fudge is especially popular during Thanksgiving when cookies are prepared in large number to serve the guests.       


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Fun Facts About Peanut Butter Fudge