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Next Food Network Star4

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Hey IFOOD.TV community,

 I entererd NFNS4 and was wondering if FN started calling or mailing confirmation for the contestants? I'm impatient, because they said Febuary was when they would start and I haven't heard anything!!! Ant info would be much appreciated! Jason -- Fit for a Chef!

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Congratulations Jason!! Please keep us posted with your progress. And of course, we would be following you on the Next Food Network Star. Did you know,'s Chef VIkas Khanna was on Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Gordon. We would love for you to follow :)
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You know, I would love it to, believe me! They (NFNS4)haven't called yet and until I see the previews, I won't get bummed out! I did send a letter to you guys, because I think I would like to be a host for you guys, but it never went through! I have of course my awesome concept, but also have access too a television studio for producing and editting! I have what it takes to succeed and would like to represent west coast connection? Sincerly. Jason Amaya -- Fit for a Chef...
Next Food Network Star4