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Lessons Learned from Dating 100 Men - Oprah Winfrey

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 I found it too unresistable to not post. Any guy out there who has dated 100+ women?Ann On the cusp of her 35th birthday, Ann Marsh decided it was time to change the way she thought about dating. If she was going to meet the right man, she was going to cast aside the dream of a Hollywood romance, and really get to know the men she dated.

Ann started by posting an ad on an online dating service. "I got a lot of responses right off the bat," she said. "Some were ludicrous, but Week One still found me on dates with 14 men at local coffee shops." At first, the flurry of dating was overwhelming, but eventually Ann hit a groove. "No matter how the date went, I reminded myself I was taking a stand for what I wanted," she said.

Taking that stand helped Ann realize when dates just weren't working out. "If [a man] clearly wasn't interested, then he was simply another woman's catch. I got out of her way. I knew I'd meet someone else tomorrow," she explained.

Another date taught Ann the value of honesty. After a date, she got an e-mail that read: "It was really nice to meet you, but I didn't feel that indescribable something that would tell me we're a match." Rather than feeling rejected, Ann felt liberated by the man's courage. Better yet, she stole the line and used it on another potential suitor!

By the time Ann met Johanne, she had trained herself to listen to her deepest instincts, and they told her he was a good match. "Johanne says he's more confident in my feelings for him," Ann explained, "knowing I looked long and hard to find him." She's thankful for what she learned along the way, and for all the men she dated, saying, "They certainly taught me to appreciate the man who, in the end, answered not only my ad, but my dreams." Read more in the February 2003 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine

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u must be really dumb to take that much time to learn. one date, another date blah blah
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Oprah has all the answers
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I read her article "7 steps..." and she spend more time planning her wedding (from proposal to wedding) than dating her husband to get to know him before deciding to spend their lives together. And during the year before that (since they met until the proposal) she had been asking him when they would marry on regular basis. Since when has it come to "I want to get married" and then finding someone ready to take the job? (and hopefully you did not marry someone you cannot build a life with in the process) Isn't marriage supposed to be the culmination of two people meeting, getting to know each other, becoming friends, and consequently deciding they want to share their lives? Is this a result of the pressure to get married in our society or the loneliness that we experience as part of it?
Lessons Learned From Dating 100 Men - Oprah Winfrey