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Geekiest Apple Themed Flavored Cakes

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geekiest apple themed flavored cakes.                              How about eating a laptop or an iPhone? I know, it sounds geeky but it’s true and fun! Yeah! Now enjoy the geekiest apple themed flavored cakes.

From a cool retro apple logo cake to a tasty I Mac set up cake, meet top ten geekiest apple flavored cakes that not just taste good but also match up with your geek quotient. The baker has actually gone beyond our imagination by creating these adorable geeky cakes. These top ten Apple-themed pastry cakes are perfect to tickle your sweet tooth. 

Look into the gallery to see the edible Macbook cake or cool Mac mini cake for young apple product lovers. You will adore the iPhone icon cupcakes and the crazy iPhone touch cake. And what can be geekier than the mouse made up with the delicious looking iMac set-up cake. Moreover, if you are a cheese lover, then the Steve Jobs Cheese Head is explicitly for you. Just go through the top 10 Geekiest Apple-Flavored Cakes (full article) and let me know which one of the cakes fascinates your taste buds the most.  

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Geekiest Apple Themed Flavored Cakes