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Watching Football On ESPN And Enjoying Sumptuous Snacks

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Couch potatoes, glued to the TV, lazy bums are just few words one would hear during the major Football matches. After all who would want to miss the games and not see the adrenaline pumping energy packed games live on TV. So typically in a household the TV is always occupied and kitchen busy dishing out snacks to be munched during the play. This was a common scene in most houses during this World Cup. 

Watch Football On ESPN And Enjoy Sumptuous Snacks

ESPN Match Trucks – What Is So Special?

A Food Truck with a large TV to watch exciting matches! The truck was full of aroma of freshly cooked burgers and other street food, and that was simply impossible to resist.
ESPN came up with the unique concept of showing the games live on a large HD screen and serving up a "menu of authentic street food inspired by the countries playing in the World Cup. Snacks like hamburgers, hot dogs and other delicacies were served to the onlookers, and boy what a scene it was. Even people who knew nothing about soccer were simply enjoying the World Cup fever and the football fanaticism took over all forms of media.

ESPN Match Trucks – The Purpose

The ESPN Match Truck was an improvised food truck that boasts of a kitchen too. The purpose of this truck was to gather as many people around it, preferably hungry people, and have them watch the World Cup 2010 on the big HD LCD screen that is bolted down on top of the truck. This tempted the audience to order various food items belonging to diverse cuisines. Truly a interesting way to market international foods!

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Watching Football On ESPN And Enjoying Sumptuous Snacks