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Meat-flavored Chocolate?!

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chocolateYour idea of yummy treat may not be a very unique meat flavored chocolate, but apparently, men tend to fall for this salami-tinged chocolate creation by Kiwi Chocolatier.







Chocolate truffles served here are prepared by mixing dark chocolate with ground-up, salty, dried meat. These chocolate truffles, which are shaped like tiny sausages, leave the taste of salami in your mouth. You may view this as a weird combination, but the owner believes that chocolate and meat blend together very well and so do men with this chocolate.


If you ask about the taste and flavor of this meaty dessert, the owner will tell you that these chocolates offer a smoky taste in the beginning and then you get the irresistible chocolaty flavor towads the end with a hint of salami.


The snack was served to a crowd of 150 people at the Meat Industry Association conference in New Zealand. Here, it was apparent that while men could not get enough of this strange chocolate, women did not seem too enthusiastic about the taste.


Women love chocolate in its feminine and fruity flavors but for now, meat does not seem to associate well with that womanly feel.


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Meat-flavored Chocolate?!