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Is it frightening or delicious?

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This picture in first view looked horrible, but its taste value can't be ignored. Do you know, how to prepare this Finger cookies?

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Nice a Halloween Treat !! The Tortilla Guy
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This surely makes a great halloween treat. The pic gives me the creeps!!!
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Do you have the recipe? Warmly, Lizzie Marie Cuisine feeding body & soul
Food.Updater's picture Great Doreen, you made it by urself, you was very close to the picture I have posted. Keep your passion alive !!!!!!!!! Keep updated
Rahul.Chef.and.Writer's picture
Finger lickin', i guess i wont be biting my nails
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These spooky fingers are sooo scary.... i don't have the courage to eat them...
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Sorry I don't find it delicious, at all... I am not going to try it ever in my life...!!!
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If you have the recipe, pls post it. Can't wait to try the cookies.
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It looks so weird!
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This is definitely frighteningly delicious!!!
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Wow!! these fingers are spooky and seem delicious too. Can't decide whether spooky or delicious..
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Would never attempt to eat them. Too spooky for words!
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definitely frightening... doubt if i wanna try this one
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They look super cool! Im gonna try those for sure, wonder if the shapes come out right!
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this is a must try
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They look so sure its going to scare the kids at the first glance.
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They look so real.
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Definitely frightening to see!!
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I think some red paint ( or red color jam) on the nails would make it
Is It Frightening Or Delicious?