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Cool Tools: The Go Plate

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Okay, we've all been there. You're enjoying the party. You have your drink in your hand. And you get hungry. So you head to the table to load up your plate and you run out of hands. That plate/drink balancing act is as much a party tradition as the beer and barbecue. But it's one that just may be on the way out.

There's a solution to your dilemma now... The Go Plate is a sturdy, plastic plate designed to fit over your drink so you can hold everything in one hand. It fits bottles, cans and cups so you'll be able to have a hand to eat with.

The plate has four divided compartments - each a different size - to hold your food and simplify that eating-while-standing-up thing. It's cool and actually works.

A box of 12 plates will set you back $19.95 plus shipping (right now you can buy them only online from the company) but they're sturdy enough to be used, washed, and used again. If you do toss them out they're recyclable so your party can be a green one.

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Cool Tools: The Go Plate