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PETA - Bin Laden Chocolate Bites to the Troops

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PETA suddenly seems to be a highy patriotic group that sends chocolate goodies to the US troops. I wonder if the the listing of PETA as a Terrorist Organization by USDA has anything to do wiih it!! Along with strutting around partially nude and barely covered by lettuce leaves, and throwing up anti fur parades, these animal loving activists are also busy turning into troop supporters nowadays!!!

PETA Bin laden Chocolate Bites

Look at what they send the troops in Afghanistan this year!! Bin Laden Chocolate Bites. Never really thought Bin Laden could be so tempting!! These are non-diary and vegan friendly Bin Laden chocolate bites (troops might not be too happy about that!!) created by Harbor Candy!! So what if the US government cant get hold of the ever invasive Osama Bin Laden, at least the troops can bite his head off because of PETA's Bin Laden Chocolate Bites!!!

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PETA - Bin Laden Chocolate Bites To The Troops