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The Sitting Duck Marrow!

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Of all things weird and wonderful, this has gotta be my favorite ever! A marrow that mother nature crafted like a lovely little duck. If only it had three small marrows behind it that looked like ducklings but I guess that would be asking a bit too much!

duck shaped marrow

And Marilyn and Lionel Partridge would agree, with Ms. Partridge saying “It would be great to grow another odd-shaped plant but seeing it took us 40 plus years to find this one, we won't hold our breath”.

Yes, this cousin of Daffy’s was grown by the Partridges in their garden patch. The ‘sitting duck marrow’, as I would like to call it looks like a perfect little sculpture of a duck done in marrow in mother’s nature art and craft class! The perfect body shape, the head and the stem that looks just like a beak; most of us would have trouble believing that this wasn’t photoshop-ed!

“I have never in my 40 years of gardening and growing my own vegetables come across anything that looks like an animal before”, says Ms. Partridge who is obviously delighted with this find. The ‘sitting duck marrow’ also sports an ‘eye’ which it got after getting scratched by a twig.

The partridge’s marrow is now part of a display in honor of Wild Bird Care Week at the garden centre where the original plant was bought. Talk about sunny days getting even sunnier… a cheerful little marrow that made life better for everybody including the birds!!

That is why I always say veggies rule! Would you ever get a duck shaped like a marrow?! Huh…would you. Not before you get freaked to death the moment you see it though, but that’s another story….

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The Sitting Duck Marrow!