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The Great Wall of Chocolate

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For the chocolate lovers and serious chocoholics out there, it is Destination China this coming January! Where else can you find the Great wall of Chocolate!!


Great Wallof CHocolate


No I am not taking about the yummy dessert seen here ( though I wish I could have gotten my hands on this layered cake now!!), I am talking about the 10 meter long chocolate replica of the Great wall of China that  China is actually set out to create!!



The Great Wall of Chocolate 2


The Great Wall of Chocolate is not the only chocolate model they are planning to display at the World Chocolate Wonderland that opens on January 29, 2010! The Park that spreads across 20,000 square meters intends to use almost 100 tonnes of chocolate to create and display a variety of chocolate models depicting China’s history including 500 duplicates of the Qin Dynasty warriors!!! Guess now is the chance for these warriors to look sweet and not somber!!


Great wall of Chocolate 3


It is a long wait till January 29th, but it will be worth it. Till then I am gonna indulge in my homemade chocolate cake!


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The Great Wall Of Chocolate