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Blueberry juice to fight Obesity and Diabetes

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Fruit lovers rejoice! You have all the more reason to include that glass of fresh fruit juice in

your breakfast now. Most fruits and berries are high in anti-oxidants which benefit the body in

numerous ways. Now medical researches have suggested a strong possibility of bio-transformed

blueberry juice to fight both diabetes and obesity.




Bio transformation is a enzyme-catalyzed alteration of drugs or chemicals by living organisms. The

juice of North American blueberries, bio-transformed with bacteria from the skin of the fruit,

looks promising in this respect.


The effects of the bio-transformed juices have already yielded positive results on mice as part of

a study by researchers from the Universities of Montreal, de Moncton and Institut Armand-Frappier.

The scientists tested the effect of bio-transformed blueberry juice on a group of mice prone to

obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes and hypertension. The results showed a marked decrease in

hyperglycemia in diabetic mice and protected young pre-diabetic mice from developing obesity and



Professor Pierre S. Haddad, from the department of pharmacology at the University of Montreal

faculty of medicine (UMFM) said that the patterns of the mice included in the research closely

resemble the models of obesity and obesity-linked type 2 diabetes in humans.


‘The identification of the active compounds in bio-transformed blueberry juice may result in the

discovery of promising new anti-obesity and anti-diabetic molecules’ included Dr. Haddad.

Consumption of fermented blueberry juice is also supposed to gradually and significantly reduce

high blood glucose levels in diabetic individuals, as observed from the research by as much as



The new and specially formulated juice may soon be available to common people. So, till then why

not give the fermented blue berry juice a try?


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Blueberry Juice To Fight Obesity And Diabetes