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Charlize Theron 6 Meals A Day Diet Plan

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Charlize Theron, the former supermodel cum actress, nearly shocked me with her 6 meals a day diet plan to stay slim!  

I have always wanted to know the secret behind Charlize’s svelte figure, and it turned out something like a portion diet sort, a celebrity diet that allows one to have a piece of everything they love, rather than depriving them of something they love to eat!  

Anyhow, Charlize’s is a sensible take on celebrity diet – something like eating to stay slim rather than blotting up without eating anything!  

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This is the Weight Watcher's program. The idea is to eat breakfast, a snack like yogurt, fruit or such, then lunch, a snack, dinner, and a snack. All is low fat and limited carbs. This maintains your metabolism so there are no spikes and lows. It is balanced with veggies, fruit, chicken (skinless), seafood, lean meats-3 oz is typical portion. Stay away from whites-IE sugar and refined flour, rice, and such. WW works and is healthy! Obviously exercise whether walking or work outs is key as well to turn up your metabolism. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Great post! Charlize Theron is a great actress and model! I believe that a well balanced diet revolves around eating healthy and maintaining a workout regiment that best fits your body type. If you are looking to get in shape.
Charlize Theron 6 Meals A Day Diet Plan