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Chicken Soup Lowers Blood Pressure

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Chicken soup can reduce and lower blood pressure of patients suffering from high blood pressure (BP). This is definitely good news for chicken soup lovers as it serves a helpful high blood pressure diet and in controlling high blood pressure by being a natural remedy for it.

Researchers have found collagen proteins in chicken breasts and especially chicken legs which when consumed affects the high blood pressure in a way similar to mainstay medicines for high BP.

Chicken legs which are discarded for chicken soups and other chicken recipes in the US contain especially high amounts of this protein that can significantly lower high blood pressure for a prolonged period of time.

Medical trails on rats have shown results that it can bring about similar effects on human blood pressure and lower high BP.

Chicken soup with matzoh balls, a traditional Jewish recipe, may be especially good in reversing high blood pressure, reports claim.

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Chicken Soup Lowers Blood Pressure