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Celebrity Diet Extremes Giving Way To Scary Skinniness!!!

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Scary Skinniness Amongst Hollywood Celebrities

Mary-Kate is reportedly found victim of the coffee-habit trend that has hit the Hollywood, simply because caffeinated drinks are rumored to boost metabolism with the extra advantage of suppressing appetite! 

Britney Spears is also being accused of having taken Adderall, a drug used for attention defeceit disorder, in order to take advantage of one of its main side-effects-loss of appetite. 

Teri Hatcher might not take a pill or drink coffee to ward off her appetitie, but she has been regarded as an over exerciser; no wonder she is in the borderline of being literally a skeleton!

The list of celebrities who are becoming increasingly skinnier is endless, what should we do to keep   their image from affecting our youth?

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Diet must be one that is healthy and not one that gets you sick. This sure is an unhealthy trend...what are they sending down to the huge number of fans who love following just about anything their stars do. Diets that would have you fall apart any time that waht being healthy means? Surely not for me.
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To be beautiful, please show position of Tang, in order to become a handsome guy, please use the position show hall.
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Hard to do but wish to be.
Celebrity Diet Extremes Giving Way To Scary Skinniness!!!