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The 50-ish Star Salman Khan Cleans Up His Act

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Salman Khan

Bollywood’s bad boy Salman Khan turned 47 in December 2012 and it seems he has had enough of the bad boy image. He wants to clean up his act and he has started with making dietary changes in his life. A while ago, the star was facing a series of health issues owing to his diet, which included fat-laden biryanis, greasy kebabs and drinking bouts.


After getting in touch with his inner self, probably, Salman Khan has decided to leave all that behind and continue his fitness-freak, which has already inspired a lot of washboard-abs in the film industry. According to inside sources, the naughty Khan is already on a new fitness regime for the past 12 weeks. The source says that it was his “spreading mid-riff” that got Khan serious.


It is a well-known fact that the actor loves the biryanis that his mother cooks at home but to reduce his paunch, he has given up rice and chapattis altogether. In addition, he has also started drinking a lot of water and eating lots of fruits.


However, what seems to have made the most difference is giving up smoking. For now, Salman just fiddles with an unlit cigarette, instead of lighting up one. After cutting down on his meat intake, he has also started drinking more of protein shakes to supplement his nutrient intake.


Is it any surprising then, that, the star should look so fresh-faced and fit on the small screen while hosting Bigg Boss season 6?



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The 50-ish Star Salman Khan Cleans Up His Act