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James-Cameron goes vegan

James Cameron, the avatar man is the most recent member of the vegan brigade. A advocate of animal rights, Cameron believes that the choice of not eating meat is a moral one and is trying to follow the vegan life style perfectly at present.


However, he is not quite happy about his kids not following in his footsteps. "The kids want hamburgers and Coke because they're kids," was what he shared in a recent interview. But respecting the right of animals to live and not burdening the earth by destroying the biosphere are issues close to his heart and he can talk on and on about it.


Cameron is completely focused on the vegan way of life now and has even bought a 2500 acre vegan farm in New Zealand in order to eat healthy.


Well, the entire Hollywood brigade seems to have been bitten by the vegan bug of late. Keep watching this space for more news on stars who decide to give up eating meat and embrace veganism instead.



Image Credit- ecorazzi

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James ‘Avatar’ Cameron Goes Vegan