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Starbucks Food Diet? Hmm...

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Starbucks Diet

Yeah, we were skeptical too. Apparently Christine Hall, a 66-year-old woman from Virginia, claims to have lost about 85 pounds by eating solely at Starbucks. No diet plans, no weight-loss programs, no healthy meal service, just daily visits to Starbucks.


Although it took a couple of years to lose all that weight, Hall was able to do so by ordering oatmeal and black coffee everyday for breakfast as well as ham and cheese paninis or a "Bistro Box" for lunch and dinner. Additionally, she kept track of her daily caloric intake and planned her meals at Starbucks accordingly. 


Nutrition experts credit her success, as far as weight loss is concerned, to the fact that Hall was choosing foods that were low in calories. Although her diet is not necessarily ideal, Hall was successful because she followed the cardinal rule of weightloss – caloric intake has to be less than what the body burns each day. With all this success, the librarian plans to continue eating at Starbucks to maintain her body weight and claims that she was never paid to do so. 



Image Courtesy: zoomers, sunnyyq

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Starbucks Food Diet? Hmm...