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Alpha Male Tom Hardy’s Diet Plan Behind The “Warrior” Look

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English actor Tom Hardy, known for his roles in Star trek, Nemesis and Warrior is not very finicky about a strict diet plan. Let’s have a peek at his diet plan.


Tom Hardy Dieting Fundamentals

Tom Hardy does not follow any hard and fast rule for his diet. He works out vigorously which makes him eligible to gorge on not so nutritious stuff made of refined flour like pizza, burgers and fries. He also satiates his sweet tooth by indulging in an ice cream occasionally. In spite of all this he believes in eating healthy and most of the time eats nutritious food. Protein shakes are also an important element of his daily diet which helps him in bulking up those muscles.


As Tom is such a method actor he is apparently shedding some weight for his role in Mad Max. His role in the movie is that of a dangerous looking ferocious wolf that is suppose to be muscular and lean. To get this look Tom ate just one meal a day to lose 30lbs. Insiders say that Tom ate lots of vegetables and ran 5 miles an hour to slim down for a movie in which he plays an alcoholic.




Tom's Staple Food Is Chicken And Rice

No compromise there for Tom, He feeds on chicken and rice on a daily basis, which nourishes him sufficiently. Chicken provides with the proteins and rice with carbohydrates. During his shoot for Warrior he and his costar had their more than a fair share of chicken and rice."They were bringing us like a plate of chicken or beef every three hours." Hardy’s costar revealed.


There is no fixed pattern to Tom’s diet but if you want to try his diet you might have to imitate his principle of pain with pleasure, it means work hard and then party… a little!


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Alpha Male Tom Hardy’s Diet Plan Behind The “Warrior” Look